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Thursday, February 04, 2010


ya ampunnnn... meggeletar rase tgn tak saba nak post cite kat blog.. kakaka.. lame tak blog kan kan kan? *nampak kak nonie tgh angguk2 mase bace ni.. hihi..

1st.. i would like to congratulate 2 of my blog friends.. lyani & kak nonie.. atas kelahiran princess mereka.. ramai yer besalin dis year.. meaning.. ramai batch ayden my son.. hihi..

ermm.. ape nk start dlu cite.. too many..! becelaru ni dunno which to start 1st..

okeh.. let's start with yesterday's story.. semlm cuti.. since mak had to go for her checkup @ selayang hosp. ingat kan lame.. rupenye kol 9am dh balik.. ptt masuk keje lmbt je.. tp tau both of them sure penat.. so nevermind laa.. after all.. more time to bond with my husband and son.. so tanak waste tym.. pagi2 dah siap.. nak klua.. pegi sungei wang.. which dah betahun tak pegi!!!! yess betahun.. d last tym was few years back.. can't remember when.. so dat morning BF ayden dlu so die tak grumpy mase shopping nnt.. i was sooo tired so i fell asleep while feeding him.. tatau laa knp.. maybe die tercekik kut.. *poor lil' guy* die tersedak.. *or maybe susu masuk mulut die byk sgt and he too.. fell asleep* tersedak trus termuntah on me! and plg kesian his whole face was covered with his muntah! kesian nyeeee...siap masuk idong..! rasenye yg klua tu ade laa dlm almost 100ml.. byk gile smpi basah katil.. but the funny thing was.. elok lepas muntah.. he smiled at me.. a big wide smile.. then laughed.. hahaha! notty btul! then trus tertido balik.. funny kan budak ni? hahaha!

so pegi laa sg wang.. the problem is... i don't bring spare susu.. expect yg die takkan laa bising nak susu.. skali.. melalak smpi smue org pandang ni.. betuah punye budak.. so we had to go back to the car.. and i bf him in the car je.. sg wang tade feeding room mane2 kan? plz update me.. mane shoppinh complex yg ade feeding room selain JJ plz..

pusing2.. beli kan ayden's toy.. he loves barney.. (pengaruh Dr Syed his pediatrician) ade plak tejumpe patung barney.. BUT i think it's imitation laa kan.. as it's so0o0o cheap.. and the funny thing was.. sore barney tu tak mcm barney pon.. cam penyett skit je.. wakaka.. but he loves it.. bile tekan.. dgr laug barney walopon sore penyettt.. die ketawe.. soo0o0o0o precious lah! so.. ape salah nye beli kannn.. it kept him quite for a while.. bleh mama and papa shopping! hihi.. we ended up tak beli pape sgt pon.. byk beli mkn dis and dat je.. makan je tau! i'll post the picture later.. gbr ayden hugging barney yg same size ngan die tu.. cute sgt!!! dh pandai pegang and grab toys.. mama love you ayden.. i love u bobo the baboon.. ops! haha!


Kakakdegil said...

i love u dahling
and ayden too

Fara said...

me leb yu too! and hazel! hazel tomeyy tomeeyyy..