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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first sahur without mak..

wanna know why i never talk about mak? because the truth is.. i can't handle the truth.. i can't handle the fact that she's no longer with us.. and i hate when people think they know what's best for me! they don't! i never express my feelings on how my life is without her.. because i know i would get piss with mulot @$%@#@ yg menyakit kan hati..

yes.. i know bapak lebih trase kehilangan isteri die I KNOW? does that mean i can't say i miss mak? i'm jusy expressing my feelings.. i dont have a shoulder to cry on.. so i type it down.. jage bapak tu.. as if all my sacrifices are not enough.. not to brag.. but i left my home.. to take care of bapak.. u'r telling me what i should do? why don't u come and visit your brother? what do u know?

i'm sad.. at the same time pissed.. pissed with all the crap people give me.. they think they're helping.. but they just making me feel worse! erghh.. there goes all my pahala for today.. thanx for pissing me off..!

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