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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ayden's 1 year old today :)

how time flies and how fast it flies.. my son is now, today.. 1 year old.. i just can't believe that he has become a toddler so fast.. he's no longer a baby.. yes.. he's a toddler.. ouh tidakkk.. i miss that baby already.. ayden now can walk, sing, talk *baby-talk* has gigi yg tajam.. knows how to put a sad face when momma/papa puts him in his high chair, he can drink in a sippy cup.. can get down from the bed on his own.. ouh.. byk sgt.. so fast! tak puas rase.. i wish i had more time spent with my son.. i love u so much son.. i miss u when u sleep.. tadi buat a small birthday party.. momma, papa, ayden and atok.. bought a smalland simple blackforest RM19 cake, and a birthday hat.. he didn't look happy as he was a bit confuse what ot was all about.. hahaha.. cumel..

siap dah practice lagu happy birthday petang u mase ambik from nursery.. rupenye blur lagi.. hehe..

ni je beli untuk hari ni.. kire pre-birhtday partey lah..

of coz pilihan ikut selera mak bapak.. sbb ayden bukan pandai makan sgt pon! hehe..

muke geram kat cake..

everyone wasn't in a happy mood sgt pon.. since opah yg slalu excited celebrate² ni.. tp.. smue pon for ayden je.. pk kan die.. ok tamo sedey².. meh layan picas lagi.. ;)

muke ngantuk ni.. huhu..

gambar family yang senget!! huu..

anak mama.. mama doa besar jadi orang yang baik².. smue lah yg baik² yer... I love u!


cik puan akish said...

haiyok...same bday ngna dadif ke aydens neh???

neway...hepi bday 1 year sayng...:)

dah reti jalan x??

Fara said...

elooo puan akish! ayden 5 oktober.. dadif mude 2 hari :))

ayden says thank you aunty!! ;)