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Friday, March 25, 2011

post tertangguh 05/03/2011 Genting~!

ya ampun i lost track of time.. hahaha.. i've been busy lately.. i dunno exactly with what.. but pretty busy busy busy.. owh yes.. i'm busy attending weddings and finishing hairband orders.. here's an update on our cuti² malaysia.. vacation to genting highlands.. so.. we did plan to go.. but mase book online they said all the rooms were fully booked.. so i told bobo that it's better that we just hentam kromo redah je la labu.. and see if there's any available.. if not.. we'll just go home that evening jugak.. after all.. tak jauh pon.. this is ayden's second time to genting highlands.. last time pegi pon didn't get to play any games.. so bile sampai.. they said mase ni adelah mase peak.. so.. all the room rates are very the expensive ok! sakit hati gue RM200++ per nite padehal genting lakang umah je kot.. tapi bobo still wanted to have the night kat genting.. sian plak laa.. maklum laa saye ni agak kedekut dan tidak suke membazir.. hoho.. so.. masuk lah ke bilik yg sangat la sempit nye.. takpe laa.. after all bukan nak stay in the room pon kan.. just utk tido2 sajo.. so tak payah bebel byk.. here are some pictures captured on d day.. layanzz...

tebal woo kabus!!

kasi temenung skit..!

yay horsie! mary go round!

buat muke gangster skitt!

caterpillar ride..

ok kasi can mak pak plz!! ;P

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