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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

birthday preparation

i have been so busy with ayden's 2nd birthday preparation.. i dont even have time to go blog hopping.. well plus the chance of updating an entry while working is no longer an option.. since someone has been pinning on my ass.. monitoring every single thing i do.. whatever lah.. mls pk..

so.. the theme for the birthday.. well.. it's kinda.. like exotic colors.. colors or Rio.. colors of samba! etc.. vibrant colors like color blocking.. hehe..

hope ayden loves the cake.. ;) hope the cake turns out as how i hoped it would be.. i've been like changing 3 diff people nk buat ni je.. gile kan.. i am really2 dissapointed with elyzabrownies for cancelling and backing out the last minute.. tapi tah la.. salah aku jugak kot.. lambat order? hmm.. tp alhamdulillah an old friend from college came to me and suggested he cousing who learned to make 3D cakes and was claimed superb with 3D cakes.. let's just hope the birds come out like birds and not looking like some ugly cloth on the cake.. and let's hope that the cake taste great.. insyaAllah..

this time candy shop still ada.. but i'm going for a simple one.. mcm tak ramai je pon yang nak datang.. bukan kawan2 je.. family pon ramai yg tak datang.. :( sad.. takpe lah ayden.. yg penting is u get to blow another cake.. ;) he has been singing the happy birthday song every single day! tak kesian.. dats y i finally decided to have the bday party jugak this year..

what's happening with ayden now? believe it or not.. orang bujang dah 2 3 hari pandai pakai baju and sluar on his own.. yes.. there maybe times he will take his pants and try to pull it over his head.. (haha) it's a learning process kan? apape pon as his mother.. i am so so proud with his new achievement.. ;) good job son!

apa lagi? dia makin pandai pujuk mama nye.. hari2 nak hug mama.. sambil cakap.. "sayang mama" sambil senyum cheeky.. haiyaa.. and lately he only sleeps bawah ketiak mama.. if letak kepala atas bantal.. mengamukkk... knape ntah.. makin manja plak.. tak sempat mak bapak nak bemanja.. haha

owh ye lupe saye.. today is our 3rd year anniversary.. yeah.. believe it! it has been 3 freakin years! huhu.. and as always.. he forgets and only remembers when i reminded him.. well not to say remind.. tapi mengamuk pon boleh.. hadiah takde wish jadi laa kan.. ni smue pon tarak.. marah makkk!! huhu..

so tadi makan laa die SR bedua at lunchtime.. tu je time to spare pon.. haih.. sedey.. emm.. oklah.. i have to go and find some tissue paper for the party.. daa~

Happy Anniversary Bobo Sayang.. semoga kasih sayang anda kepada isteri semakin bertambah.. dan kita dilimpahi dengan lebih banyak rezeki insyaAllah.. amin.. ;-P