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Monday, March 26, 2012

Indian wedding vs Javanese wedding

Last weekend was quite hectic for me.. well.. Bobo worked on Saturday and we had an Indian wedding at 7pm.. he cam home late around 6pm+ we ended arriving to the wedding at 9pm+ sad.. coz i wan't to meet up with my old friends from TM.. Niza Begum was there.. Mr Mohan came too.. but when we arrived.. there was no one familiar.. just the family members and some malay that i guess.. was her friend from MBB.. i knew Shanti wayy back since 2003. She was my cubicle partner and my team mate in TM task force.. handling international customers such as HP, IBM, Dell, DHL and some other big names.. mmg gila.. scary kot kerja task force! kena settle problem within 4hours..

anyway.. what i can tell about shanti is.. she is a very very soft person.. when she talks on the phone.. mmg ko jgn harap laa ko nk curik2 dengar conversation dia! mmg tak dapek.. tak dengar sepataharamjadah.. hahaha.. Dia baik.. she came to my wedding.. terharu.. :-) Congratulations Shanti and husband..

The next day.. Sunday.. another wedding.. this time it was a javanese themed wedding.. a wedding that i wasn't keen to be at.. as for the bride dah byk buat tahik sama gua.. so no pictures.. haha.. only picture from Ayden's perspective..

but memikirkan yang lelaki tu baik.. and hadiahkan kami mangkuk pyrex yg byk berjasa.. bwahaha.. kami pergi laa.. baru tau yang bapak dia dah dato'.. but who cares pangkat ape pon kan? wakakaka.. panas to the max kot!!! i was wearing a plain brown baju kurung modern.. so mmg lencun laa mcm mandi peluh.. fuhhh.. so terus laa balik since i had to finish my orders.. final touch up for Wana's handbouquet.. yes.. bapak lama for one HB.. thanx to the lil monster.. haihhh! pening mama laa ayden..

here is a picture of.. well.. batang tangkai nye jer.. gambar penuh next week lah.. tunggu pengantin pegang betul2..

malam tu ayden sangat manja with atuk (nak bodek chocolate ler tu..) so dia layan Merlin dengan Atuk.. behave kemain!

yayy! we're going to JB this weekend! can't wait! Nak jumpa

juga! ;) jgn lupe ye yen.. bawak makan kacang pool! ;-P

ok lah adios -Assalamualaikum-

p.s >> owh by the way Ayden dah pakai diapers XL.. yayy ayden!


bonda dadif aka akish said...

psttt...jb tang ane???

meh jumpe kite skalik...


Fara said...

waa.. lupe plak kan.. haha.. rasenye kalau tak silap kat kg melayu majidee.. hehe..