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Thursday, July 05, 2012

pink merah jambu!

lately teramat2 busy for a task given at the last minute.. no ni bukan project berbayar tapi for my cousin.. kena jaga and deco candy buffet, buat handbouquet for flower girls and buat corsage for the family member.. bad move.. i decided to try a new design and ended giving myself extra work.. corsage is made from 2 colors of fabric since the wedding theme is purple pink and white.. (sama macam wedding kami dlu.. ihiks!)
and then a pomander ball for the flower girls menggantikan handbouquet.. last skali to decorate each bottle and meja candy buffet tu.. aiyaa.. harap2 semua dapat siap before saturday..
wish me luck! hehe.. ok tu je lah byk kerja.. (plus kerja office yang menimbun dan meetings yang menimbun juga.. argh!) Assalamualaikum

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