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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adel Haqeemi is 8 months old!

ouh life has been so hectic.. yes. it's true.. infact.. too hectic.. been to busy with work, kids and house chores.. no time for blogging at all.. or maybe it's just me.. i need to make a timetable kot.. ngee.. so adel is now 8 months all.. just recovered from high fever.. probably due to the change of month.. Adel is now learning how to stand and walk.. ok standing dah lulus sgt.. sometimes he tries to stand on his feet and sometimes he has the chair assisting him macam tongkat org tua2.. lantai rumah licin so the chair would slide smoothly.. die jalan laa sambil tolak kerusi.. as if it's his tongkat org tua.. no pictures taken yet.. maybe nanti letak video terus.. and as for our swing sofa.. hari2 laa die guna to practice his walking technics.. haha.. sambil tersengih2.. i call him a heartbraker.. sebab apa? the way he smiles.. it's so cheeky.. with his eyes.. with his stares.. and his sheepish smile.. ouh Adel you melt mama's heart.. you heartbraker! haha semlm tried blended rice mix with a cube of pumpkin.. alhamdulillah dia suka.. infact dia makan banyak sgt macam2 portions pon ye.. risau jugak bagi banyak2 ni since a baby's tummy is so small and fragile kan.. but the lil' happy camper asyik menerima je suapan sudu dari mama nye so kasi je la.. i onced read.. a baby knows it's food limit and they'll stop when they know that their tummy is full.. eh btul ke? ntah.. apape pon parents need to make sure that we don't feed too much.. as for his weight.. the last time we weigh him it was 7kg.. some people say ringan sgt.. but.. then again.. saya lebih rela anak saya berat konsisten rather than obese.. so plz tak payah compare anak saya ye.. meceh.. yg penting he's now under weight.. well.. like his big bro ayden.. a lil under weight but doc said it should be ok.. if his appetite is ok and he is active.. alhamdulillah.. so.. that's anout it for today kot.. kerja awaiting.. argh. kbai. Assalamualaikum!

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