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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sidobot demam lagi

Harini si dobot demam lagi.. i realize that i never blog much about adek in this blog.. sebab nya bila dah ada 2 boys no more time for blogs.. if i have free time.. then it's time for me to take a rest.. a nap or maybe clean the house etc.. m
Klu pakai internet pon is to google for what to cook for the day.. lol! Yeah.. i am so mak mak now days and i don't care. I'm proud of it.
So back to Adel.  Biasa dia asal masuk bulan baru akan demam.. so i believe this time it's because he just learned to walk, just got his first tooth and baru masuk 1year.. all in one.. the last time i checked his tempreature.. it was 38.6°c
Went to the clinic this morning. Unfortunately doc chua was on leave.  Doc incharge is doc eric which.. we don't prefer to go to since he's not as kid frisndly or breastfeeding baby-friendly as mr chua. Dia suka kasi antibiotic.. mcm chua he will always find other ways selain suap je ubat.. i like chua. Ngee..
So kitorg balik and continued giving ubat yg mmg still ada from last check.. alhamdulillah after buat sponging byk2 kali tempreature pon turun.. now belengging je kat rumah and clingy.. nak susu kerap.. *punah harapan mama nak mengepam tmbh product.. lol!*
Now dia dah tido.. alhamdulillah.. before walaupon panaa sibuk jugak main dgn his big bro. But that's a good sign meaning that he is ok.. syukur..  oklah i guess that's about it for now.. doa kam sidobot sihat cepat.. Assalamualaikum.


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