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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

how to store your ebm and safe space

Ok here's a tip on how to store your ebm in the freezer and save space.. the best milk storage accroding to my own experience is the autumnz breast milk storage bag (7oz) is the best to use with this method.. the material is thick and not easy to tear.. (autumnz sila baya gua ye.. promote ni.. kui3x) plus the double zip lock makes it even safer and not easy to leak.

1. fill the bag with your ebm. the best is to fill the 7oz bag with maximum 5oz of milk.. more than 5oz would make the bag puffy and not easy to store. i usually keep 3oz or 3.5oz or 4oz the max in 1 bag.

2. after filling up the the air out as in the picture.. press out as much air as u can and make sure not to spill the milk!
then zip lock the bag.. and double check to make sure it is pressed and locked tight.
3. lay the bag flat when you put in the freezer the 1st time.

as u can see in the picture.. there is a bubble forming at the base.. this means that there are still some air trapped in the bag. but it's ok.. once the milk is already hard.. u can start stacking your ebm and save your space. here are some ideas on how you can stack your flattened ebm storage bag..

gambar credit dari blog mamapalace

gambar credit dari blog mishawads
happy ebm storing mommies! moo~

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