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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

from the lowest floor to the highest floor..

it was all unexpected and unplanned.. i thought HR would never call me again for an opening in any other department since i rejected the last opportunity (they wanted me to become an account exec which was never ever my interest.. hee..) so i got a call from HR.. we had a no-so-short chitchat.. and the same week.. was called for an interview with my future boss..

the next day i replied to HR saying that i agree to accept the job.. so here i am now.. from a call center to the Legal Department doing something that i am not familiar with at all.. no.. not promoted.. gaji still the same.. kerja kuli jugak.. but what's most important is.. nak mulakan hidup baru.. dengan orang baru yang tak hold grudges and tak cop kita this and that.. i want to proof to those people that i am a better person than what they always say i was..

the 'best' part was when they said "pergi nanti bawak lah yg baik2 je.." as if i was gonna brag bad things about them.. sorry but i am not like you. and the other person said.. "what's pass is past" but.. tak sempat2 blah.. the 1st day i started my new job dia dah buang kita from anything and everything related to the office..

yang tak tahan tu.. bila kelab kakitangan bagi yearly soulvenior.. obviously mine dapat kat department lama.. bila tanya dengan laju sipolan tu jawab. takde! nama fara takde dalam list! ehh rase nak meletup kat situ gak!

nasib ada member pegi tengokkan.. nama still listed kat department lama tu kot! sekarang ni sape yg masih berdendam.. sape yang busuk hati? me or you? be a good leader.. if people hate you.. there must be something wrong.. jangan harap orang bawahan je berubah. tak semestinya kita berkuasa kita sentiasa betul.. i do not know what my future will become.. but yang penting aku bersyukur meninggalkan orang yang bermuka2. 

ok tu saje. sekian. haha.. Assalamualaikum.

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