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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

i suddenly feel the need to blog.. i want to i need to.. oh dear.. i miss my old life.. i feel like.. a misserable old lady.. midlife crisis dah ke hoii?? or maybe it's just the pms talking..

so.. alot has happened since my last update.. i am now happier at the office (new deparment)..  minus the crazy people out of my new department which i have to face and deal with everyday..

but today... todayyyy is black wednesday (because all of us are wearing black today and the fact that many people testing my patience since morning) i have to deal with big old bullies.. and most of the bullies are ladies.. yes.. woman, lady, old woman, old lady.. diorg ni pikiaq aku ni budak baru.. dia taktaw aku dah keja sni for 7 and a half bloody years! haha.. takpe.. layan kan aje..

jadi kusut jadi pening.. bukak fb lagi pening. with all this hate all this stupid people commenting about breastfeeding and calling it disgusting.. when they have this naked beach and people making out in public.. tak plak hang kata disgusting nampak anu korg smua! buduh tak skolah..

dengan masalah donia segala laa gua peninngg peninnggg.. which lead me to merapu here today.. and now aku rasa malas nak menaip dah. so, the end. kbai.

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