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Friday, July 09, 2010

bookalicious! yummy!

i'm back.. i mean.. the person who has hobbies.. who loves doing creative stuffs. yeah.. she's back.. i have lotsa new project in mind.. and i've started reading again! like d good old days.. yayy! kan i got a novel from big sis on my birthday? well.. let's shove it under the bed for a while.. lets say around a month? it's time for africa twilight saga.. yes.. i've been bitten by the vampire.. i've been bitten by nonie-the vampire a while ago.. tp tak bepeluang nak beli all of the novels.. so i only followed the movie.. but seriously.. twilight has a haunting thing u know.. when u watch the movie.. rase tak puas.. it feels like it's just not enough.. u need and must read the book!

mmg berhantu.. when i listen to the songs the soundtracks pon.. cam haunted.. it's like they're saying.. "buy the book.. buy the book..!" so i finally did.. and it felt GOOD! i'm sorry ayden and bobo.. but it's my obligation.. (haha) i have to do it.. or i'll go crazy.. i must read it.. TONIGHT! come to me my edward..

thanx to bookalicious.. i love u bookalicious..!

gambar harini..


Three Musketeers said...

Okey, trust me, Edward version buku lagik la tempting tau...:D

kakakdegil said...

Cantek betul mata Ayden ni
Betul betul ikut mummy dia

Fara, kita ada buku berkenan kat bookalicious tu
Nak pesan boleh?

Fara said...

liyana.. i trust u.. hehe.. am reading the book.. nak habeskan all before breaking dawn.. hihi..

Fara said...

kakak : ikut mate mama die bulu mata papa die.. hahaha! tq auntie nonie ayden ckp..

emm.. buku tu nnt next week kite belikan wokey!! ;)