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Monday, September 27, 2010

migrain lagi..

migrain menyerangg.. tapi kenapa tak tido lagi at this hour? jawapan nye ialah.. tugasan memanggil.. there are several request need to be settled by today and to pas by tomorrow.. yer.. order hairband.. bile kite dah ikat janji to do something.. no matter how tired u are.. u just have to do it.. no matter how sick u are.. u HAVE to finish it.. ade lagi few orders yang tak siap dek angkara migrain.. ampun kan lah dosa ku ini wahai pelanggan² yang dihormati.. to my online client.. sorry i tak hantar the ghairband to u minggu ni.. but no worries.. the hairband akan sampai ke tangan anda jua.. :) maaf klu terlambat yer..

bile berniage kite jumpe all sorts of people kan? so true sometimes it could be someone u call ur friend.. sbb when they feel that u have a connection with them it's like they can have a free pass with u.. like for an instance.. they think they know u so they can request to get the order bleh to finish bile² mase ikut kesenangan die.. like suddenly they want it by TODAY.. amboih.. i was angry but yet.. stayed calm and tried to give the best reply.. profesionally laa.. sbb in business there's no "kawan" if u want to go far.. true? some circumstances boleh dipertikaikan laa.. but geram pon yes.. like u don't have a life.. like u don't have to go raya.. u don't have other orders in queue.. by right.. kene laa ikut turn.. right? geram sgt pon ade.. i don't mind if they ask nicely.. but mcm mane if.. they call u like byk kali sgt.. and when u dont answer they get angry and call ur husband's phone and got angry siap ckp apsal call tak angkat? like i dont have any other stuff to do selain menjawab call anda.. i have a small kid u know.. u'll know how it is when u have one..!
then.. tak cukup with calls.. sms plak.. belambak² every 5 minutes kasi new message.. even sms-es bobo's phone! lagi byk message lagi push nak siap lagi early.. what? ape ni..? bukan i did tell that i will be busy the whole saturday? and i finally i ended up with a migrain.. ambek.. last² ahad pon anda tak dpt order anda itu.. thanx to anda punye sms yg push soh cpt cpt cpt.. and finally ur last msg saying dont get u wrong and ur not pushing.. whattt? ini mcm pon ada kaa? so.. this will be the first and the last.. if theres more to come macam ni.. sorry i will not answer to your request.. dah laa mintak custom.. no common sense at all.. haih..
takpe laa kan.. maybe smue ni dugaan laa kot.. bukan senang nak senang! ;)
ni baru satu peel.. ade je lagi insan2 yg begelar kawan ni ambik kesempatan.. yg dok nag hari² bile nak siap pon ade walopon die sndiri tak cfm what design they really want. org mcm ni.. sorry klu saye sound outright.. plz CONFIRM what u want before tanye bile nak siap.. plz.. sile beretika yer.. :)
enuff pasal smue ni.. let's talk about other things.. ayden now really2 know what Cat is.. imagine lah.. at a friends house today.. ade laa sticker kucing on the wall.. tp just bentuk kucing and sticker tu all black.. no eyes no nothing ni.. he knows it's a cat.. he goes to the wall and mule laa wat sore lembut as he always does when he sees a cat or anything furry and cute.. he even kissed it! haha.. ur funny sumtimes ayden.. ;)
i do feel it is funny that sometimes some parents are over protective of their child.. i know ayden is quiet hyper and suke kasar with other kids.. tp kadang2 rasenye some parents over react lah.. i'm not the kind of mother who let's their kids do anything their way.. like campak brg org ke.. ketuk anak org ke.. etc.. i do scold my child eventho i know die bukan paham sgt pon smue tu.. tp.. i know how to teach my son.. jgn laa sampai isk.. tahler.. it's just funny.. hihi..
harini ade progress with his eating habbit.. he now loves to eat solid food like rice etc.. dlu die buang klu benda2 dlm mulot die keras or pejal lah.. but now.. like just now.. die makan nasi goreng cina dgn slambe nye.. lagi pelik bile last few days.. org suap die curry puff yg pedas it was like nothing.. slambe je die mkn.. and perut tak meragam and takde cirit birit..
before this mcm ade allergy bile makan cake.. i tot it's telor.. but then i tried tadi kasi telur dadar.. no rashes pon kluar.. hmm.. pelik.. and the best thing.. i finally dapat my blender.. and made him makanan.. yg best nye he loved it.. momma happy sgt.. esok nak try buat porridge.. maybe this time tambah sayo.. ayden pon dah nak masuk 12months kan.. so his taste buds smue dah tukar.. momma betambah busy lah nampak nyer... hm.. adoi.. i think i have to rest now.. the migrain seems to have returned and wishes to stay permanently until i get a good rest.. adoi.. oklah.. till then.. chiao..

oppss.. a few picas utk tatapan mate.. ini lah keje nye while waiting for papa yg ambik barang kat ofc..


cik puan akish said...

huh....mmg terer!!!!x lame agi dak dadif pon gini la gamaknyer..:p

Fara said...

ha... tersangat laa heronyer budak ni.. penat mak die.. huhuhu..

dadif beza few days je dgn ayden kan? emm.. die lasak ke? if yes.. haa.. gud luck lah.. ;p if not.. slamat u.. haha! ;)

cik puan akish said...

sgt lasak yunk...sekang aje...adoiii mau back hand aje...=p

Fara said...

hahaha! jgn back hand.. kasi geget skettt.. hehehe