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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

orangy wedding...

ouh.. tak sempat update pasal cousin's orangy wedding.. sebab lepas wedding trus suffer bak pain haritu kan.. so ok.. here are some snippets on what happend on that day.. i wouldn't be fair if i take credit only to myself for all deco's kan.. it was basically my idea at first (nak gak tu) tp since cam tak cukup tangan nak buat pomander AND corsage.. i sub lah keje tu to my sister.. nak kate half-half pon tak gak.. sbb die buat sbb die buat lebey.. so deco utk hari itu adalah tissue paper pomander.. the wedding was simple.. and sangat santai..

untuk door gift.. kitchen cloth.. yg diikat.. hehe..

sesi men deco bersama eric.. opss!

kantoi cubaan membuli ayra.. caught on camera!

ni untuk smue family anfd friends yg datang sign.. yg plg pekat tu my signature.. wahaha!

ok ni yg paling special.. caka jabba the hut.. for a star wars die hard fan.. yeah.. pengantin lelaki nyer fav.. hehe.. yes it looked like euw.. haha!

and lastly.. the family picture.. yay!!

ok.. bobo dah sampai.. mau balik.. ladidaaa~

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