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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Experimental Baking

I've been longing to do this like.. ages laa kan.. but as usual.. i just dunno why i never have much time for anything anymore nowdays.. it's always.. makan and entertain the lil' rascal and finally fell asleep while tucking him to sleep.. biasa laa kan.. when you reach 30+ the body seems to work on a different page than it used to.. 5 years ago.. plus the chores and tiring 2 hours drive from/to work.. *tiring* some may say "eleh.. baru nak buat ke.." or "that's not new" or anything like that.. tapi tak kesah laa kan.. wakaka.. i finally made my own pavlova.. yayy! didn't know it was that easy.. alah.. easy peasy pon 1st time fail gak skit laa.. but since kak nonie dah rajin buat mintak tips how to improve on this and that.. and wallah! people say third time is a charm right? alhamdulillah.. the first time i made pavlova.. it was ok.. but i had problem with the cream.. i whisked it too long and spoiled the whipping cream..

so the 2nd time.. i bought myself a whisker.. and whipped the cream by hand.. no mixer used.. the cream look and tasted fab! i took my pavlova to the office.. ok.. habes like kene sebat by vultures.. haha.. and my boss asked me if i would take orders lagik.. haha.. *excited* 
the 3rd time.. made it for my SIL's this time extra thick whip cream and extra strawberries..

again.. it was less than 5 minutes.. all gone.. the truth? i didn't get to eat any of the pavlova's i made.. only one or two bites je.. pow the husband's.. haiyyaaa... and.. yesterday.. bobo's officemate requested an order of my pavlova for this weekend.. yayyy! i loike... doa kan laa rezeki bertambah lepas ni.. ;-) ok got lotsa work to do.. todaloo..! Assalamualaikum!

psst >> sape² area Klang Valley yg nak order bleh email saya at hehe


Nory Zoulkefle said...


Fara said...

Nory.. mmg cedapp tauuu.. hihihi..

mochitsuki said...

nak raseeeeeeeee

Fara said...

suzi.. nanti kalau fara buat fara pas kat zizik k.. hehe..