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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am 32.

Happy Birthday to me! My birthday was on the 20th.. and again.. i missed updating about it in my blog.. dang..! but.. better late then never aite?! i didn't expect any suprises since i was feeling down that week (the whole week actually.. until today.. hmm..) we are actually staying in KD for the time being.. and that day.. was the forst day staying at my SIL's.. tlg jaga rumah dia.. ayden dah poo-poo.. so went upstairs untuk cuci.. bobo said dia sakit perut.. and dengan kepala otak kusut layan percaya.. dia masuk toilet bawah.. habes basuh poo-poo turun.. depan tangga mmg terus facing meja makan.. tengok2.. ada cake with 3 big candles and 2 small candles.. wahh.. dia buat surprise rupenye.. sgt touched.. almost cry but didn't (ego..) it was a small heart shaped ice cream cake from baskin robin's.. bobo together with ayden sang the happy birthday song.. serious rasa so happy.. alhamdulillah..

hilang kejap rasa down.. and naik atas again.. tah buat ape lupe sudey.. haha.. came back down and saw a big square box wrapped with a wrapping paper.. yay.. ade hadiah lah! boleh tak macam dah aga what it was? hehe.. tak kesah if ade yg ckp funny ke.. murah ke.. but seriously i don't care and i loved my pressie.. mmg lama dah bebel kat tlinge dia nak ni.. tapi tringin yg 1k sebenanye.. hahaha boleh gitu? takpe.. ni pon dah syukur sgt! bleh buat cakes, cupcakes and pavlova lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. ;-)

Happy tak terkata.. thanx my heroes.. i love u guys so much!


Falsya said...

wahhhh,bestnye adiah..cake sgt cantik okayh..happy birthday babe!!..;D

Fara said...

Hehe.. TQ Falsya!! :D cake tu bukan saje cantik tapi sodap juge.. hihihi.. TQ2!!