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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jelly Bunny?

Has anyone heard about it? Kebetulan.. haritu bukak Bella at ntv7
and terrrrr... tengok about a new shop in town.. and it is called Jelly Bunny.. no it's not for easter.. no it doesn't sell food or jelly or even jelly beans.. it's a name of a shoe shop.. catchy eh? hehe.. like plzz..
bukan takat nama cute.. design kasut pon semua cute2.. and what's most important is.. when i googled for ratings from users/buyers.. semua cakap tak melecet.. eh ni mcm sgt sesuai utk kasi korok ku ini.. plus.. the shoes smells like candy beans katenye.. hehe.. and the color is so cute!
these are some pictures yg berjaya dirisik kat Mr gugel ugel.. cute eyh? bukan saja byk flats.. wedgie pon ada..
owh yer.. jgn tatau.. anne hathaway pon pakai.. ngee..
hehe.. nk beli 4 pasang pakai duit hasben bleh? sempena 4 tahun Anniversary.. blh kan? kan? kannnn? ngee.. ok telebey sudey.. daa Assalamualaikum.


isabelle frankly said...

mmg lawo. tapi i takut kasut ni jenis 'gigit kaki'.

Fara said...

i bace review sorg blogger ni katenye.. kaki die jenis senang kene gigit kasut.. and die pakai so far ok.. tu yg lagi nk try.. hihihi.. klu i beli i habaq naa.. hehehe..