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Monday, May 05, 2014

Bad Day / Good Day

when i listen to daniel powter's bad will always remind me of my old job and my old life.. the times when i was happy and enjoyed life.. not that now i don't but it's limited now that we are old.. ok scratch that.. now that we have a family and commitment.. bila listen to this song memang akan senyum macam orang jatuh cinta.. haha! have to watch the videoclip to understand.. and the thing that makes me smile most is because it's kinda similar to my life.. dulu2 pegi kerja naik LRT.. most of the days kita akan jumpa the same people every morning.. kalau petang pon sometimes we can meet with the same person.. and yang best nye we are not friends but maybe we think about the same thing so bila jumpa we smile at each other.. no talking just smiles.. i love the feeling.. masa zaman tu 4am dah bangun nak siap.. coz 6.30am dah nak keluar rumah.. masa jaman jahiliah.. free hair.. bangun 4am is tu curl my hair.. haha.. yeah.. sanggup.. make up la etc.. and i always wear matching handbag and shoes.. and accesories.. best je.. rindu nak rasa free and boleh pegi mana-mana macam dulu.. meh layan videoclip satu round..

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