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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

invading the feeding room..

ok.. dis was on the 7 march.. but as usual.. i was too busy to update.. anyway.. this is the best invasion ever.. hihi.. for you mommies out there who still hasn't discovered the new baby room in one utama.. meh nak habaq.. kat new wing, near maybank atm.. ade new baby room.. which was sgt2 cantex and nampak hepi.. me as the babies mother pon rase hepi.. ini kan lagi baby bile tgk colorful walls.. and deco..

main entrance

yg best nye ade tv for the big kids to watch.. dgn daddy² yg menunggu.. sgt comfy.. smpi bobo bleh lena diulik mimpi..

entertainment space

mcm feeding room yg lain laa kan.. ade tempat buat susu, ade changing place.. and of course the feeding room.. but just look at the colorful colors... sgt selesa.. plus it's new. so.. it's still clean.. feeding room.. klu kat tgh luas.. buat yg tepi agak sempit.. but it's fine with me.. buai pon ade. and still clean.. sbb baru kan.. but.. ayden is not the buai type.. so.. tak payah laa nk sibuk² guna.. mase feeding ayden.. dgr a couple+baby.. cari bilik feeding "kecik laa bang tak bleh" i assume that she was refering to their stroller laa tu takleh muat bilik.. then die masuk ke bilik tgh.. "eh luas laa bang" so diorg betige dok bekampung kat dlm tu.. huhu.. kepochi aku pasang tlinge..

the fieeding room

changing table

happy baby with momma

happy+full little man
erm.. dats all fer now kut.. bobo dh smpi.. tgh tensyen plak tu.. so i better get ready.. takde laa kene muke capati..


Three Musketeers said...

Eh, ader yer? Kiter selalu pie One Utama gak, tak pernah nampak. Lepas nie nak pie invade gak la..:D Thanks Fara...:D

Fara said...

yeshhh liyana.. ade.. die tesorok skit.. and baru.. tu kot yg tak prasan tu.. invade jgn tak invade! ahakss!!