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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

ayam bek..

lame nye tak apdet.. yes.. it's been.. what? a week? lebey kurang laa.. but.. last week was a great week for me.. i can say everyday was a good day.. let's skip mon & tue and talk about wednesday.. it's all fun but yet a really exhausting long week.. i was chosen to follow a 2-day training in KL.. it was set at Coronade Hotel.. mane tu? next to Lot 10.. at 1st mmg mcm tanak pegi.. sbb.. i was the only perempuan from heitech.. the rest are guys... so cam mls nye laa takde geng ni.. but.. have no choice but to attend the course.. mmg dh penah satu ketika dlu (cewah) ambik handling difficult customer course.. tp kali ni kene ambik customer service skills plak.. which actually adelah lebey kurengzz je.. plg tak suke klu ade course which we have to present laa ape laa.. or kene answer Q's.. tp dah tny to Azu.. die ckp smue in groups.. so.. fuhh legaaa... yer.. saye tau saye kekurangan self confidence.. itulah saye..

it was 5 of us from hetek and sorg from private and the rest of the class org2 gomen.. they weren't as friendly as i thought they wld be.. muke nmpk friendly.. sbb mude² tp.. tah.. sbb tak kenal kot.. *pk +ve* class tu menarik laa.. sbb the games smue agak fun lah.. pegi dgn wan.. pagi² 07.30 i was already at the office.. gerak skali.. tumpang kereta die.. makan? 1st day was so-so..

owh sh*t! kene masuk handover meeting plak!!! dh laa blom pump lagi! isk.. later sambung! susah nyeeeee nk update iskkkk!

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