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Thursday, March 25, 2010

mari memositif kan diri..?

i have been freakin'ly busy this past few weeks.. omg.. the workload here.. tuhan je tau.. macam nak gile.. hari² balik migrain.. and if not migrain pon.. stressed out mcm nk gile.. i dunno why there are so many 'bias'ing happening in the office.. lately.. there has been rumours that few of the "special" staff being promoted/upgraded.. tp tgk ni.. amboi.. skang tak buat keje ape.. dok goyang kaki kalah boss.. dok memekak je ngilai² tekekek² kat blkg.. while i work my ass off..! dah laa i have to settle everything on my own.. org lain siap ade team buat keje ramai².. adil kah?

but lately i have been more motivated.. lagi byk keje lagi motivated aku.. my leader told me tadi.. not to feel down.. not to feel demotivated.. reporting team complained that my work was not aggresive enough.. amazingly.. i accepted things profesionally and feel as if mende2 ni utk aku improve kan lagi diri.. i can't feel down.. i can't afford to.. sbb klu aku down.. takde sape leh tlg keje ni as i work alone.. tade team lain..

i chatted with reporting leader tadi.. appologized to her and told her.. nasib die tu ok.. seriously.. i take this as a challenge.. so that i can do better next time.. tak kisah laa if i dont get promoted pon (tp klu ade lagi la bagus kan?) as long as aku keje with dignity and buat keje seikhlas hati.. mane tau.. insyaAllah tuhan murahkan rezeki.. dr yg goyang kaki ni tak abis lagi memekak ni.. tak wat keje tp promoted..

tak cukup ngan dpt promoted.. ni sok ade housekeeping.. aku yg byk keje cam nak mati ni diorg dok tulis kat email soh kemas2 blakang.. ingat aku cleaner ke? pastu that person yg promoted tu jadi mando tukang check kekemasan yg aku kene buat.. so jap ni tadi that person called and ckp "sok jgn lupe yer buat keje!" wtf.. mengundang nyerrr... sowee ayden.. momma ter curse plok.. huuu..

ya Allah.. kau murahkan lah lagi rezeki aku dan permudahkan lah kerja seharian ku.. aminnn...

nak pegi becuti.. or nak pegi hang out with my gals.. bile ye? need to get away from smue stress ni..


Three Musketeers said...

Sabar yer, Farah. Kerja makan gaji memang macam tue...^^;;

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

salam dear,
sorry comment ni takde kaintan tp
i saw ur comment kt blog shila on the lazy eyes n crawling, thought of sharing it with you tp tak jumpe anywhere ur email add.
nway yes crawling ade related on vision and attention span. can see kt this article

my gal ade lazy eyes sbb die premature, mase 3 months old buat surgery laser mata

Three Musketeers said...

Farah, come and claim your award kat blog kiter...:)