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Monday, May 17, 2010


mak.. i miss u so much.. i still can't believe it was our last conv on mother's day.. i wish i hugged u dat day.. i wish i had bought u ur pressie earlier instead of waiting only on dat evening to go and buy u ur supposed pressie.. i regret a lot of things but i just have to keep it way way back of my head.. i can't break down.. not infront of everyone.. esp infront of bapak.. i know he's so so sad that u'veleft him forever.. i miss u mak.. i miss everything about u.. i wish i was a good daughter.. i wish alot of things.. but it's just too late.. and it just hurts so bad.. i miss u mak..


Three Musketeers said...

Fara, sedihnyer entry nie. Menangis kiter dibuatnyer. Nak tanyer bleh? Your mother dah meninggal ker?

Fara said...

kite pon cam tak sanggup nk bace entry ni lagi.. my mum passed away last tuesday.. i'll blog about it when i'm ready nnt yer.. buat mase ni.. still too painfull.. hmm..

girlfriday said...

Fara :(( Sorry love, ai baru tau bile baca blog u nih... Be strong. Jgn lupe rajin2 hadiahkan ayat untuk Mak u always :((

Fara said...

thanx sha.. insyaAllah.. :|


takziah Fara!
be strong and semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kat atasnye..

Fara said...

thanx nadia.. insyaAllah..