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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

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To my lovely friend kak nonie.. we've known each other *virtually+reality* for 7years.. and i believe we've been celebrating our birthdays in cyber space.. like 7 times jugak kan.. i would like to wish u a very very happy birthday and hope that we would always stay friends... good good friends forever! me wuv u dahling! have a blast! gegarkan klate yer! hehehe..

P/S --> to my batpupu.. congrats on the new bundle of joy.. kak lin selamat melahirkan seorang lagi baby boy on 10th June 2010, 3kg @ 1600 at Kuala Pilah Hospital..

Congrats to both Kak Lin & Abg Rizal.. *wide smile*


girlfriday said...

macam menarrek ni... nom nom nom. anta laa kat jiran sri gombak ni :P

Fara Nina said...

hahaha.. i'll remember that the next time i cook daging masak hitam ni.. hokkay!!! ;) make sure ur at home! ngee~