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Thursday, June 17, 2010

milky way

susu owh susu.. lately since mak passed away.. mmg life agak stressed keje pon same.. and from dat day onwards.. i've never pumped my milk anymore.. bukan tamo but there was no bengkak susu or whatever.. so dlm 2 3 weeks ni i've quit my daily pumps and i leave my pump, bottle's etc at home.. yesterday lepas bape lame laa tak penah sakit.. it hurt so bad.. no pump i was like.. owh no.. nak taknak i had to manualy ease the pain by only using my bare hands.. it hurt tapi lagi la sakit klu tak buat kan.. bobo plak was on his way home from perak.. kebetulan plak die outsation since yesterday.. ok fine.. tahan laa smpi balik umah.. dat time dah 6pm-ish.. ambik ayden at the nursery and balik rumah.. kat rumah dengan keadaan bengkak.. bfeed ayden.. ayden plak minum only around 5 minutes.. it still hurt alot.. so suruh bobo ambik kan pump.. i started pumping.. to my astonishment.. huu... there was atleast 5-6 ducts! yessss.. and few minutes after.. i got a full bottle of fresh thick-white milk.. wow! i was very very impressed! yes i know one bottle is atleast 4oz ++ je.. not dat much.. tp i've stopped pumping for quite some time.. so it's a really big achievement for me.. then i switched to another empty bottle.. i managed to get 3/4 full.. so.. dpt laa around 8oz.. best nyee.. tuhan je yang tau.. yg plg best sbb the color was thick white.. emm.. plus tadi dah manually buang.. then ayden dah minum for 5 minutes.. so klu smue tu pump.. bleh kot dpt dlm 10oz... wow! wow! wow! wow! huhu.. i know i syiok sndiri.. but.. i am so proud of myself.. *pet on my shoulder*

i am happy.. people ask me.. so what's your tip? all i can say is.. have lots of rest.. stress-free and have enough sleep.. :)



Its been a while since my last visit here..Luv to read ur entry..

congrats..dont give up...keep on pumping!!

Fara Nina said...

hye mommy nadia!

thanx.. do come and visit again yaa..