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Friday, December 09, 2011

hari yang mandom

bersesuaian debgan cuaca yg mendung dan hati yang tak best di takbest kan seseorg since morning.. terase the urge to spend money carelessly.. bleh x? its been a while since my last scarf shopping and i need more color to cover my head lah.. eh semalam ade nampak long sleeved red tshirt blouse M size.. only 1 left.. brape hengget? RM10.. yess.. i'm not cheap.. i just feel kedekut when it comes to my own clothes.. but what's most important is it doesn' look cheap and i won't look comot.. ngee.. lets pray its still there... jgn ade yg kebas sudey.. ok will update again later dengan hasil pancingan.. ngee.. daa..

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