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Thursday, December 15, 2011

owh julie owh julia..

ok i'm obviously bored.. and i've started a research.. or more to stalking.. haha.. i am like so crazy with "Julie and Julia" that i had to go crazy over the internet to find stuff about them.. especially about julie powell ofcourse.. baru harini teringat nk cari bolehh? so today is the first time tengok the real julie.. and husband eric..

and *plink* eh i just realized that julie is a blogger.. why didn't i think of googling her blog ? google punye google.. i found this blog which sadly.. not as what i expected.. eh is this the original blog or what eh? if anyone knows the real one (if there's any) plz do let me know.. the things she write when she was like crazy following julie's footsteps tu.. and another sad story is.. she has stopped blogging.. the last time was April 2011.. darn! owh well.. maybe i have to find something or someone else to stalk after this.. definantely turns me off haiyya.. tapi still wanna watch the movie tonight.. alone! hubster.. plz take care of lil munchkin.. i need a time off! kthxbai.. ;P


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