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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Siamang yang tak brape nak gagap..

has anyone watched yesterday's news or read todays paper? 2 kids were attacked by a gibbon or Siamang at MElaka Zoo yesterday! ok.. i will definately not go there.. gila.. some people say.. situ mmg open and most of the time.. animals are left merayau2 everywhere without any monitoring.. eyh.. scary wey.. and somehow that day someone or something made it angry and it went apes *heh*.. to read more about the news.. read it in kosmo

picture borrowed taken from kosmo..


bonda dadif aka akish said...

tak taula nk ckp camno...


Fara said...

ni komen pasal di blog mu kah bonda dadif? sabaq naa.. fara pon mengalaminye setiap hari.. huu..