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Friday, December 23, 2011

short update

waiting for husband to come home from his cousin's solemnization.. lapaaaa sgt2 tggu dia nak makan sekali..

owh yeah.. i have something to share.. if u go to summit USJ's subway.. the service there is really bad.. and their staff.. esp the lady in hijjab.. (bukan kutuk org berhijjab but.. minah yg berhijab yg keje kat subway ni je) with funny accent is the rudest person i've ever met.. plus.. she's so lousy.. u say not to put onion she will do opposite. if u say u want something else.. she'll put it on someone else's bread.. u ask for extra cheese.. u wont get it.. her face is always sour and look like shes having a long pms!

i wish i cld just slap her ugly face! kedekut sauce jugak! u suck lady!

dangg! hungry! kthxbai.end.

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