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Friday, December 30, 2011

OK serious lame gile kot tak update blog.. semua sebab asyik tak sempat je nak edit gbr2 masa bday ayden haritu.. so takpe lah guna gambar mana yg ade buat masa ni je lah..

party as usual tak seperti dijangka kerana lack of manpower and time.. huu.. semua gua kene buat.. ini laa dia bahana kawen last-minute-man.. bukan kawen last minute.. tp kawen ngan org yg suke wat keje last minute.. haihhh.. mak pasrah.. nampak nye tau yg akan datang mmg kene ready 6months before? erk! (tu pon klu tak preggy.. ngee~)

alhamdulillah.. semua org dapat mkn.. and alhamdulillah.. cantik rainbow cake yg lame mak idam kan tuh hihi..

makanan aritu byk menu tepakse dicancel sbb kakak gua tetiba mai lambat sangkut hujan lobek..takpe laa yg penting semua dapat makan walopon gile cepat abes.. dan dpt berkumpul kawan2 sdare mara.. kite cuba lagi taun ni.. ngeee! owh! nak jer start dr skarang! muahahaha..

tapi ayden sangat cranky that day.. sibuk nk potong cake and bila tak kasi mengamuk2 guling2 nanges sokmo.. arghh tertekan jiwa mama! huahuahua.. tau laa berubah umo.. jgn laa camtu nak oiii...

TQ pada yg datang dan sudi bawa hadiah.. alhamdulillahh... ok lah tu je daa...

pssttt >> tgk couple ni.. mcm org belom kawen tgh becinta gitu.. auwww! thanx juga to sya sbb tanpa dia takde laa sticker2 dan TQ tags yg sgt cantik! if onlye theme tu dpt direalisasikan seperti yg di imiagine.. huuu.. ok outt!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ucapan takziah kepada ahli keluarga arwah encik Khidir Nordin.. One of the company's director..

Semoga beliau ditempatkan bersama golongan yang beriman insyaAllah..

Here is some info about the great man..

>>here <<

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Friday, December 23, 2011

short update

waiting for husband to come home from his cousin's solemnization.. lapaaaa sgt2 tggu dia nak makan sekali..

owh yeah.. i have something to share.. if u go to summit USJ's subway.. the service there is really bad.. and their staff.. esp the lady in hijjab.. (bukan kutuk org berhijjab but.. minah yg berhijab yg keje kat subway ni je) with funny accent is the rudest person i've ever met.. plus.. she's so lousy.. u say not to put onion she will do opposite. if u say u want something else.. she'll put it on someone else's bread.. u ask for extra cheese.. u wont get it.. her face is always sour and look like shes having a long pms!

i wish i cld just slap her ugly face! kedekut sauce jugak! u suck lady!

dangg! hungry! kthxbai.end.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


slalu gitu tau.. time sengkek gila2 tarak plak orders.. bile dah dekat gaji baru berduyun mari skali gus.. but i'm not cimplaining. instead bersyukur sgt even though this time dpt customer yg berumur and quite fussy.. takpe lah.. alhamdulillah... this time order for twins.. this is my first twin hairband request..

experimenting the new headband.. hopefully lebih lembut utk baby's head..

malam semalam siapkan baju.. a friend request jahit felt pada baju anak dia.. alhamdulillah.. rezeki

(ni hasil separuh siap..)

lagi.. harap2 ade more orders to come insyaAllah.. another other nak settle kan tp esok je la kot.. kba cari stock.. sula habes diamente! huu.. ok dats all for now kot.. nk tido! sakit gigi.. :-(

crite ayden next entry... adios.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

today today!

Apekejadahnye laa update blog more than 2x a day nih.. so what's for lunch? ayam masak merah yang manis.. buwekk! merah=garang/marah/pedas! bukan sweet/manis.. meloyakan sungguh! adoi..

semlm dapat order tudung from al-humaira.. *wangiiii* sedap kain tudung tu.. plg best bile teletak je atas dada tudung nye.. tapi yg tak best.. trase cam alien plak pakai tudung ni nampak cam tekeluaq je tlinge.. huhuhu.. ape yg penting.. i tidak soka tudung awning keras.. bukan tak suke sbb tudung tak lawo.. tapi tak lawo on me.. huu..

ni pulak baju pakai harini.. ni laa baju colors yg dirembat mase sale kat summit merharga RM5 saja! i'm not cheap! i'm just lucky.. hahahohohihi.. sekian.

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owh julie owh julia..

ok i'm obviously bored.. and i've started a research.. or more to stalking.. haha.. i am like so crazy with "Julie and Julia" that i had to go crazy over the internet to find stuff about them.. especially about julie powell ofcourse.. baru harini teringat nk cari bolehh? so today is the first time tengok the real julie.. and husband eric..

and *plink* eh i just realized that julie is a blogger.. why didn't i think of googling her blog ? google punye google.. i found this blog which sadly.. not as what i expected.. eh is this the original blog or what eh? if anyone knows the real one (if there's any) plz do let me know.. the things she write when she was like crazy following julie's footsteps tu.. and another sad story is.. she has stopped blogging.. the last time was April 2011.. darn! owh well.. maybe i have to find something or someone else to stalk after this.. definantely turns me off haiyya.. tapi still wanna watch the movie tonight.. alone! hubster.. plz take care of lil munchkin.. i need a time off! kthxbai.. ;P


Siamang yang tak brape nak gagap..

has anyone watched yesterday's news or read todays paper? 2 kids were attacked by a gibbon or Siamang at MElaka Zoo yesterday! ok.. i will definately not go there.. gila.. some people say.. situ mmg open and most of the time.. animals are left merayau2 everywhere without any monitoring.. eyh.. scary wey.. and somehow that day someone or something made it angry and it went apes *heh*.. to read more about the news.. read it in kosmo

picture borrowed taken from kosmo..

Friday, December 09, 2011

shop till u drop?

nottt! it seems that the tshirt price was marked down really low bcoz of it's faded color on shoulder.. maybe it was hanged for too long as display sampai mngalami kepudaran.. potong stim!

so we (big sis and her bff) went on window shopping sampai lapar and until we decided to stop and have lunch.. to johnny's we went.. i had tomyum bee hoon and ice lemon tea..

tempting kan? ngee..

so akhirnya balik empty handed.. mission unaccomplished.. deng!
ok till next entry.. arrividerci..

owh mah! i forgot to buy ayden's milk! ooopssss!

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hari yang mandom

bersesuaian debgan cuaca yg mendung dan hati yang tak best di takbest kan seseorg since morning.. terase the urge to spend money carelessly.. bleh x? its been a while since my last scarf shopping and i need more color to cover my head lah.. eh semalam ade nampak long sleeved red tshirt blouse M size.. only 1 left.. brape hengget? RM10.. yess.. i'm not cheap.. i just feel kedekut when it comes to my own clothes.. but what's most important is it doesn' look cheap and i won't look comot.. ngee.. lets pray its still there... jgn ade yg kebas sudey.. ok will update again later dengan hasil pancingan.. ngee.. daa..

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


this is my first entry using my handphone.. blogger-droid rawks!

it has been a while since my last touch screen fon.. so maybe it wld take me quite some time to get used to this.. the last time pakai touchy was way back masa guna dopod.. zaman mesopotamia kan?

haha.. hmm ok keje byk! later..


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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

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